Laws of Mauritius
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Laws of Mauritius

The Laws of Mauritius is the official 7-volume compilation of all the Laws currently in force in Mauritius.
  • Updated annually (last edition published July 2011)
  • Printed version is published in 7 separate loose leaf binders
  • Electronic version includes the wording of each section prior to amendment.

LexisNexis provided the following services to the Mauritian government:
  • Publication and updating of 7 looseleaf volumes of the Laws of Mauritius.
  • Typographically reset  and capture into electronic files 8,250 printed pages.
  • Consolidate the previous Laws of Mauritius with all amendments thereto for the period 2000-2007.
  • Editorially integrate and annotate all amendments to the previous Laws of Mauritius for the period 2000-2007.
  • Prepare and apply appropriate publication styles for ease of use.
  • Proof-read the Laws of Mauritius for content accuracy.
  • Prepare relevant looseleaf page proofs for approval.
  • Discuss any queries and provide appropriate suggestions to Attorney-General to overcome anomalies  present in the legislation.
  • Prepare a word index to assist users in researching an locating any provisions across the complete  Laws of Mauritius.
  • Conversion of the data for publication on CD-Rom and online version.
  • Print and ship 400 sets of the Laws.
  • Provide Editorial skills training for designated Government officials.
  • Development and provision of a Citizens Free Access Solution - a website delivering PDF copies of all legislation currently in force.

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    We are grateful to the LexisNexis team which had the rigour and patience in dealing with the exigencies of this work. This is our first joint venture with LexisNexis and I hope that this only the start to a long and fruitful collaboration.

    -Hon J. Valayden, Attorney-General to the Republic of Mauritius, and Minister of Justice and Human Rights

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