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Wednesday, 14 November 2012 01:07

LexisNexis to create XML database of the Laws of Kenya

LexisNexis is proud to announce that it has been awarded a contract from the Kenyan National Council for Law Reporting to create an electronic database of the Laws of Kenya.

The contract is a component of the Financial and Legal Sector Assistance Project aimed at creating a sound financial system and strengthening the country's legal framework. It is being co- funded by the World Bank and UK's Department for International Development.

Working in close partnership with the NCLR, and with oversight from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, LexisNexis's specialist law revision department, the Primary Law Division, expects to complete the project in February 2013, 7 months from its commencement. The team from the NCLR, which holds the government mandate for publishing the official Law Reports of Kenya and for the consolidation and updating of the Laws of Kenya, will be led by CEO Michael Murungi.

The project is the largest of its kind ever undertaken by the Primary Law Division and consists, in its first phase, of the consolidation and revision of 28,500 pages of legislative text. LexisNexis will deliver the revised text of the laws to the NCLR as a database of XML formatted text, 500 printed copies and 1000 DVD copies. LexisNexis is also creating a full document management system which will enable the NCLR to manage future updates of their laws in-house.

The database and DVD versions of the laws will allow legal researchers to:

  • Download the text of laws to computers with even the most basic word-processing or document-viewing software;
  • Use advanced text searching tools to optimise search potential;
  • View hypertext cross-references between primary and subsidiary legislation; and
  • Use the "point in time" feature to view the cumulative amendments to a piece of legislation as at a particular date.

As part of the contract, LexisNexis will also provide training to NCLR officials on the revision and updating of legislative text, and on the use and development of the database itself so that it can be maintained by the NCLR's own staff.
Dustin Rees, Operations Manager for the Primary Law Division, said:

"The Laws of Kenya is an extremely significant project for LexisNexis, not just in terms of the deliverables of the project but also the importance that the Kenyan government has attached to it. We are delighted to be able to assist the NCLR with bringing the Laws of Kenya up to date and making them more accessible than ever to the people. Kenya is one of the leading economies in Africa and we share the Kenyan government's belief that promoting access to the laws will be the foundation of for further economic and social development."

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    A significant development in this Revised Edition is the publication of the laws in electronic format, online...thus ensuring a wide distribution of and easy access to the Law of The Gambia.

    - Mr. Raymond Sock, Judge, Supreme Court of The Gambia and Deputy Chairperson of the Gambian Law Reform Commission

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