The Law of South Africa
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The Law of South Africa

The Law of South Africa (LAWSA) was established as the South African counterpart of the famous Halsbury’s Laws of England. It is the only encyclopedia of South African law and contains detailed information on over 150 areas of law in 34 volumes. Volumes are re-issued approximately every 5 years to ensure the currency of the information.

LAWSA is used as a starting point for legal research since it covers the law as it stands and makes reference to relevant legislation, case law, text books and journal articles. LAWSA is also available as an online research solution. This publication is widely used by judges, advocates, attorneys and legal academics. 

  • Overseen by an editorial panel of judges and professors assess each title to maintain high quality and relevance.
  • Written by industry experts.
  • Covers the law as it stands and makes reference to relevant legislation and case law.
  • References other works in the footnotes.

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