Laws of The Gambia
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Laws of the Gambia

Published early in 2010 this official publication covers all the Acts and subsidiary legislation currently in operation in The Gambia, up to 1 September 2009.

LexisNexis provided the following services to the Gambian Ministry of Justice:

  • Publication and updating of 16 looseleaf volumes of the Laws of The Gambia. 
  • Typographically resetting and electronic capturing of 15,000 printed pages. 
  • Consolidate the previous Laws of The Gambia with all amendments thereto for the period 1991-2008. 
  • Editorially integrate and annotate all amendments to the previous Laws of The Gambia for the period 1991-2008. 
  • Apply the publication styles used in the previous Laws of The Gambia. 
  • Proof-read the Laws of Gambia for content accuracy. 
  • Prepare relevant looseleaf page proofs for approval.
  • Conversion of the data for publication to an online version.
  • Print and ship 1,000 sets of the Laws to Gambia.
  • Provide Editorial skills training for designated Government officials.

LexisNexis will also prepare and publish looseleaf updates from 2009-2013 for insertion into the existing looseleaf binders. 


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    A significant development in this Revised Edition is the publication of the laws in electronic format, online...thus ensuring a wide distribution of and easy access to the Law of The Gambia.

    - Mr. Raymond Sock, Judge, Supreme Court of The Gambia and Deputy Chairperson of the Gambian Law Reform Commission

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